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Music classes houston


Tune In Music Academy offers private piano lessons and consultations to children, adults, music lovers and piano players of all ages and skill levels, providing custom-tailored curriculum to meet each individual student’s musical goals. Our Academy was created with the aim of helping everyone, regardless of age and musical education, to learn or to continue learning to play piano in an efficient, timely, accessible and clear manner. We foster an environment to encourage the student's creative talents and enhance their musical aspirations. This is achieved by building a solid foundation based on knowledge and skills and thereby providing a pathway where students can carve their intended goals.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching methods focus on nurturing and developing the talents and musical abilities of each student by providing a well-rounded musical education. It incorporates principles and techniques of the Russian classical piano school, and includes repertoire from different styles of music, such as jazz, pop, folk, etc. Classically trained students develop the highest level of skill and ability on their instrument, and acquire a superior knowledge of music in general. An essential element of teaching is to develop a comprehensive knowledge of musical content, such as note reading, rhythm, harmony, structural analysis and many other aspects of music and its components. More comprehensive instruction in music theory and ear-training, already integrated into piano lessons, is offered in separate classes as well.

Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

The piano is a fantastically rewarding, therapeutic and challenging instrument, and a really enjoyable hobby. It can also be a skill for life and a career, or simply an aid to improvement of communication, memory, independent learning and well-being. Music lessons teach self-discipline and time-management skills. Much research illustrates a profound link between music and intelligence. More specifically, many studies demonstrate that piano lessons- for even the most "challenged"- will markedly improve a student's success and intelligence, notably in math, science and reading. Piano lessons are an enjoyable and scientifically proven educational method to increase a student's coordination, concentration, and confidence.

Musicians use both sides of their brains more frequently than average people. When we play a musical instrument at the same time we utilize diverse processing centers from both sides of the brain. We often hear about an analytical person, like an accountant, being left-brained while a more “free spirit”, like an artist or poet, is considered “right-brained”. Professionally trained musicians more effectively use a creative technique called divergent thinking, and also use both the left and the right sides of their frontal cortex more heavily than the average person. One possible explanation for the musicians’ elevated use of both brain hemispheres is that many musicians must be able to use both hands independently to play their instruments.

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Tune In Music Academy offer piano lessons in West Houston and is conveniently located near Royal Oaks, Memorial, Energy Corridor, Westchase & Katy.

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