New Student Form

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*Email is a primary method of communication at The Studio, so please provide an address that is checked often!

Please answer the following questions in as much details is possible. The answers will be used to tailor curriculum to studentís needs

  1. Did you have previous musical/piano experience and how long? (beginner, intermediate, advance; play other instruments)?

  2. What type of music do you like to listen to?

  3. What are your expectations and goals for your music lessons?

  4. In addition to school and piano lessons, the student is planning to participate in the following extra-curricular activities (check all that may apply):

    Dance Football Basketball School clubs Marching Band Baseball Swimming Drama/play Worship Band Track/CC Tennis Martial Arts Other Music Lesson Soccer Cheerleading Other

    **Please consider time commitments for each activity when requesting a lesson time as it may be dif?cult or impossible to change your lesson time partway through the year

  5. How did you learn about Tune On Music Academy