I am very grateful that Ms. Alina laid down the foundation for our son. He started taking lessons from her at age five. Three years later, he has matured, thrived with disciplines and enjoyed music more than ever. I highly recommend Ms. Alina and her excellent intuition in teaching young children!

By: Tabakovs

I met Ms. Alina in 2014, in hopes of being better developed as a pianist. It is difficult to contain all the wonderful things I would say about her as a musician, teacher, and mentor, but, simply she will meet and exceed any expectations you have when it comes to learning music! She is a great coach and motivator! She is my saving grace because she prepared me to perform the Beethoven Piano Concerto No.2 in Saratoga, California in January 2015. She has helped me live out my dreams and continues to guide me down the path of success! Lessons seem to go by so fast! I wish we could have lessons for longer! She's awesome, kind, and truly concerned with her students' musical development and success! I look forward to lessons, every week! Her attention to detail is flawless - I love that! She helps me with the small and big details within the music! She is an excellent instructor and guide! She's the best teacher you could hope for ! :) Your search for an outstanding piano teacher in Houston will surely stop once you meet Ms. Alina. :)

By: Mayen Akpan

Ms. Alina is an amazing teacher! When Lale began taking lessons with Ms. Alina she had a strong but undirected skill set. Ms. Alina was able to access Lale's skill level and build a learning plan that took advantage of the skills she had and helped her move forward in a disciplined way. Ms. Alina sets high and ambitious goals and works with Lale to achieve those goals. Lale has learned so much and truly enjoys playing piano and her weekly lessons.

By: Lale Dean and Jill Shaffer

I have been taking piano lessons from Ms. Uddin for over a year. She is an exceptional pianist and a truly dedicated and passionate music teacher. I have learned a lot about music during her lessons not only how to play piano but also to enjoy playing it. During my learning experience, she is very accommodating both from scheduling as well as tuning classes based on my progress along the way. I strongly recommend Ms. Uddin with all the confidence to anyone who is interested in learning music!. Happy learning with Ms.Uddin.

By: Sreekanth Akarapu

I like Ms. Alina because she teaches me a lot about piano. She is very good at it, and showed me important techniques. She makes learing piano fun with instructions that are easy for me to understand and follow. My mom and I recommend Ms. Alina.

By: Emily He and Mom

My son, Owen, has been enjoying his piano class with Ms. Uddin since 2013. She is a wonderful teacher who always picks the right songs and practices to help him stay engaged and challenged. She made playing piano a really fun experience for Owen. She is also very responsive to my emails and willing to accommodate our schedule to ensure Owen gets right amount of the classroom time each week. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn piano!

By: Ning Xue

We recommend Alina as an outstanding piano teacher for children or adults. Her patience, reassurance and genuine interest in our son and daughter progress have been very helpful.

By: Andrew Masters

Alina has been teaching my son Kevin for almost a year now and I can truly say that she is doing an exceptional job. My son has attention deficit which makes the job very hard for a teacher. I recommend Alina for being patient and coming up with ways to encourage and make the lessons very interesting.

By: Christopher Wong

Alina is truly inspirational, passionate teacher and enjoyed all my classes with her.

By: Tim Wallace

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